VTA Corporation Sdn Bhd
deals in the manufacturing and delivery of Intelligent Human Traffic Counting Product. We provide a complete range of solutions from the electronics and packaging to the analytical reporting software. At VTA, we utilize our long-tome research expertise in order to develop products that set the benchmarks in the field of human traffic counting.

Our core product is the Visitor Traffic Analyzer (VTA). VTA is a fully electronic device with sensors that are mounted near entrances and connects to any PC to capture visitor traffic data. Once captured, hourly analysis of data will be available, enabling easy and accurate visitor count monitoring. With this accurate and meaningful traffic data, maximization of efficiency and effectiveness of employees, floor area, advertising budgets, and sales potential of the business can be done.

Operators of shopping centers, airports, museums, art galleries, libraries, government agencies, and retailers can monitor and quantify human traffic with VTA which provides important information needed to make critical business or management decisions that will distinguish VTA users from the competition.

Visitor counting provides a wealth of usable metrices, giving a clear and detailed picture of visitors' and customers' behavior to the management. Management decisions are therefore made with real-time, accurate, and relevant information. VTA helps to keep track with the traffic patterns throughout the year, be it daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly. Knowing the traffic patterns for the whole time gives insights on seasonal fluctuation and other behaviors, much of which managers have only been guessing until now.

Visitor traffic from real-time data provides information to aid in the understanding of visitor trend and the factors that affect visitors in various industry and sectors. Those factors include:

Impact of marketing activity can also be monitored and analyzed with VTA by comparing visitor traffic of different days of the week. By understanding traffic patterns and available information, marketing efforts can be optimised.


VTA uses data visualization techniques to view both real-time and historical trends of visitor traffic to stores. The printable reports are easily accessed and generated with just a few clicks. Various types of charts are available to suit different users' needs, including line charts, bar charts, pie charts, and etc. Users can select a range of dates to be analyzed and compare between stores' performance. With VTA, managers can monitor performance and evaluate changes, especially during adjustments in staffing, opening hours, and operating procedures to match visitor flow.




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