The VTA-CM-1 (S) come with an infrared beam interruption sensor (VTA SIR-2). The sensor consists of two components; the IR transmitter and IR receiver. The IR transmitter flashes high intensity IR which leads to easy, instant alignment and installation. The nature of these IR pulses is such that the IR receiver can distinguish them from any other sources of IR. This characteristic allows the IR sensor to operate without interference from ambient lighting.

These extremely small counter sensor, measuring only 46 x 32 x 20 mm deep, when applied to a surface facing each other, will cover a separation of 20 feet.

Communicator CM-1 (S) is designed to communicate between the Host PC and the IR sensor (VTA SIR-2). The count data is displayed with windows based software (VT-PRO).

The Communicator CM-1 (S) system consists of three parts: the Communicator CM-1 (s), an internal Receiver t recieve data from the sensor, and the user's computer which configures the Communicator CM-1 (S) and view the data. The Communicator CM-1 (S) uses an electrical power supply. A RS232 port is used to connect the Communicator CM-1 (S) to the user's computer.

Key Advantages

  • Our sensor is never confused by color or size
  • Everyone crossing the IR beam is counted
  • Cover up to 20 feet
  • Small size, low weight, fast and easy installation
  • Measures 46 x 32 x 20 mm deep
  • One year warranty